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Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire is undeniably unique and beautiful. With its vivid yellow hue it is eye catching and luminous. The rich golden color is created by iron and titanium and the quality of a Sapphire is determined by the clarity , cut and color. Yellow Sapphires rank a 9 on the MOHS Scale of Hardness which means it is just under the diamond in strength.

This Sapphire is the Gemstone of Jupiter and is usually worn by leaders or individuals who are prominent in society. The metaphysical features of this stone suggest it attracts wealth , earning and the formation of ideas. It is commonly worn on the index finger to highlight status. Due to this stones sturdiness it doesn’t scratch easily which means it’s extremely durable. The bright color of the Yellow Sapphire is unique and shines brightly when adorned on the body or hands.

Yellow Sapphires make eye catching stones for rings. They can placed in a simple silver or gold band and the Emerald cut is popular as it allows the stone to shine. These rings pair gracefully when matched with earrings or necklaces.

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Natural Golden Yellow Sapphire

Natural golden yellow sapphire

Natural unheated yellow sapphire

Natural unheated yellow sapphire

Natural Yellow Sapphire

1.40ct, natural pale yellow sapphire from Ceylon

Natural Yellow Sapphire

0.41ct, natural yellow sapphire from Ceylon

1.32ct natural yellow sapphire

1.32ct, pear shape, unheated, natural yellow sapphire

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