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Most famous Ceylon blue sapphire ring

Friday, July 6, 2018

Ceylon Blue Sapphire

The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the most popular and sought after gems. Its beauty cascades through generations as this stone is timeless. The deep rich blue that comes from the stone is associated with royalty.

The finest Blue Sapphires have a vivid blue hue and can be graded at eye level. The corundum, which is the basis of the stone, means the versatility in the tones of blue vary in sapphires. Due to saturation the price varies with different shades. These Sapphires are sourced in Ceylon in old style mines. Miners seek out astrologists who determine the best time to mine for the stones.

The metaphysical properties of this stone are protection and wisdom.

blue sapphire


Ties with the Royal Family

Blue Ceylon Sapphire has been a significant piece in the Royal family. Blue Sapphire used to be the most common stone for engagement rings and there is a reason its beauty withstands generations even to this day.

Princess Dianas engagement ring was a 12ct Blue Ceylon Sapphire Ring , encompassed by 14 solitaire diamonds which are set in 18CT white gold. This stunning piece of jewelry was then passed onto Kate Middleton as a symbolic reminder of Williams mum. Most recently Meghan Markle was gifted Princess Dianas Blue Aquamarine Ring. There are many copies of both of these rings on the market. The cut and style are classic features that withstand generations of change and trends.

Blue is a regal , rich tone that showcases importance and status which means It’s no surprise that this color is a constant theme throughout the Royal Family.

blue sapphire

An Everlasting Gift

Blue Sapphire is an everlasting heirloom that can be handed down or given as a priceless gift that holds significant value.

Its commonly made into rings shaped in an oval cut. The cut is important as it reflects how the stone was polished and faceted from its natural state. The perfect cut highlights and enhances the stone and its features. There are several different cuts that suit this stone from the heart to cushion.

As this is a rich striking stone it pairs elegantly with a silver band or diamonds creating exquisite luxury. To add an extra element to this look matching earrings and a necklace can be paired for a polished ensemble that is effortless and chic. This is a special stone that has character and class. It makes a great engagement ring , gift or keepsake that will leave you feeling like royalty when wearing it.

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