Natural Yellow Sapphire

The Natural Rough Yellow Sapphire

45ct Natural Rough Yellow Sapphire stone can be found in Ratnapura, which is a city in Sri Lanka. The Sapphire mines these gems are produced in are the best in the world which means quality is always prevalent.

This stone is golden and can be compared to the glow of the sun. The vibrant color is created by iron and titanium. This stone is rare and has been untreated. Untreated stones retain a natural beauty and keep its original properties. The quality of a Sapphire is determined by the clarity, cut and color. Real sapphires won’t contain bubbles that are visible to the eye whereas fake gems may. Ranking a 9 on the MOHS Scale of Hardness this stone wont scratch easily and is just under the diamond in its strength.

This stone is the gem of Jupiter and has several metaphysical properties. Prosperity, wealth and financial abundance are the main attributes of the yellow sapphire. It helps its wearers form ideas and make sure these ideas are carried through so they can become a reality. The Yellow Sapphire is worn by leaders in society and helps push these individuals to strive for even greater positions. It is usually worn in the index finger to highlight a strong status.

This stone weights 45ct and can be transformed into statement jewelry that has a unique sparkle and warmth. Rings, lockets and earrings can all be created and have a luxurious luminosity that radiates from these pieces. It is encouraged to make sure these pieces touch the skin in order for all the properties to thrive.

This Sapphire is rare, unique and timeless. It makes a great gift that is not only beautiful but emanates positivity, prosperity and influence on those who wear it.

yellow sapphire

Shaping yellow sapphire stone (before polish)

The first step of shaping a yellow sapphire stone is grinding. This is done to the desired texture and can also be referred to as the preform. It is then cut and polished. Sapphires can be cut in a range of shapes. The Oval Shape is a popular cut for the yellow sapphire stone.

yellow sapphire

Cut and polished yellow sapphire stone (weight 20 cts)

The final product is an alluring stone that is cut and polished. Weighing around 20cts this sapphire can then be transformed into different types of jewelry. The most common uses are rings and necklaces. Versatile and classic a yellow sapphire ring will stand out and make heads turn. With a simple band to highlight the stone these gems can be cut in a variety of different styles including Cushion , Princess and Emerald. The Cushion Cut is a classic style that highlights the hues and beauty of the yellow sapphire. Either way this beauty will draw attention and bring warmth to its wearer in any shape or form.

yellow sapphire

Varieties of Gemstones


Emerald, aquamarine, morganite(pink),


Chrysoberyl (greenish -yellow, yellow), alexandrite (red in tungsten light, green in daylight), cymophane (greenish-yellow cat’s eye)


sapphire (blue, violet, yellow, pink, orange,colourless,green) ruby


moonstone, orthoclase (yellow)


almandine (purple/red)

pyrope (blood red)

hessonite (orange / brown, green and pink)

andradite demantoid (green), topazolite (golden yellow)

spessartite orange, yellow, flame red

uvarovite emerald green


white opal, black opal, water opal (colourless with internal iridescence) Mexican fire opal (orange)


amethyst, citrine (yellow), rose quartz, rock crystal (clourless), aventurine quartz (green, blue or brown with mica spangles), tiger’s eye (yellow/brown), jasper (red/brown)


achroite (colourless), indicolite (blue), rubellite (red /pink), schorl (black), tourmaline (green, yellow, brown)

Ceylon Sapphire

Ceylon Sapphire

Ceylon sapphires are probably the worlds most famous and sought after sapphires due to the color in the blues only second to the extremely rare Kashmir sapphire. The Ceylon blue sapphire has been treasured by royal families for many centuries and was named the national gemstone of Sri Lanka in 2003. Healing fissures are very common and almost an indication of Ceylon origin on their own.

Sapphires in colors other than blue are called “fancy” sapphires.Fancy sapphires are often found in yellow, orange, green, brown, purple and violet hues

18ct natural rough yellow sapphire

yellow sapphire

All natural blue sapphire will show a black bar in the violet/blue end of the spectrum, at 450 (4500). It may be difficult to see, especially in very pale blue Ceylon stone.

The best color of sapphire is described as a cornflower blue. Cornflowers come in varying shades of blue and violet as well as pink, purple, white and yellow,so “cornflower blue” evokes a wide array of color images even to people that have seen the flower.

There are different opinions as to what is the best sapphire hue. Some say blue; other say violetish blue. Most dealers agree, however, that greenish blues are less valuable. The GIA in its colored-stone grading course describes the most expensive sapphire color as either medium dark, vivid blue or medium dark , vivid violetish blue.